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With more than 25 years of RV awnings, RV screen room and shading experience, ShadePro has become a sun and shade control industry leader in price, quality and customer service.

Leaders in RV Awning Prices:

Now more than ever, consumers are finding it important to spend their money wisely. And with camping and RV adventures still being one of the least expensive vacation getaways, consumers across the nation are discovering the value of enhancing their RV and camping experience with quality RV products from Shadepro.

Our close business relationships with RV awning and RV screen room manufacturers have enabled us to attain products at low prices, thus allowing us to pass the value along to you.

Leaders in Sun & Shade Control Product Quality:

Aside from the value, the quality of the products we offer is second to none. ShadePro carries a variety of products such as RV awnings, RV awning replacement fabric, RV dash covers, RV windshield Covers, screen rooms for RV's and much more. We have chosen to carry only the best including Carefree awnings and INNOVA protective and sun control accessories.

The quality and performance of your RV Awning comes first. All products are built to last to ensure your happiness.

Leaders in Sun & Shade Control Customer Service:

Because we carry products from select manufacturers, we have come to know our products very well. With teams attending most national rallies we provide the service to give you years of enjoyment. You can be rest assured that you receive the custom care and service needed to order and install your Carefree Awnings and INNOVA accessories.

If you have any product questions or concerns feel free to contact us, we're here to offer guidance and educate you on RV awnings or the RV awning installation process.

The ShadePro office is open 8:30am-5pm Monday thru Friday PST.