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Carefree Eclispe Upgrade
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Carefree Eclispe Upgrade
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    Eclipse is the Premium Adjustable Pitch Awning
    And it stays stable and secure overhead!

    Carefree pioneered 12V patio awnings and now they have re-written the book. The Eclipse has more features than any other 12V awning. Simply push and hold the button inside the RV to extend or retract the awning. No more fighting an awning in the middle of the night when it's windy. The Eclipse stays secure no matter the pitch or extension. It will not buckle or flop in light winds. Add the proven reliability of the Direct Response System and the awning will roll up automatically in windy conditions.

    Revolutionary "Truss Support" for superior strength and stability...

    The "Truss Support" system allows you to walk under the arms without hitting your head. Until now, this was only available on awnings costing three times as much.

    No need to level the awning before rolling it up.

    Our exclusive pitch adjustments provides more shade, better water run off, and once you've set the pitch, you never have to set it again.

    Maximum shade and versatile rain release... no other 12V awning matches the Eclipse. The Eclipse hardware is 70-inches long and can replace Carefree and A&E hardware for awnings measuring 10-inches to 21-inches.

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