Acrylic RV Awning Fabric

Acrylic fabrics are manufactured from a synthetic material called acrylonitrile. The material goes through a few steps to transform into acrylic fibers. First, the acrylonitrile is dissolved with chemicals and becomes a gel-like material. This material is then spun into long fibers. The fibers are woven in a tight pattern, resulting in a fabric that’s strong, durable, and breathable. Acrylic is often found in boot linings, gloves, athletic wear, rugs, and, of course, RV awnings.

Acrylic awnings are one of the best options for your RV. At ShadePro, we offer high-quality acrylic RV awning fabric in a variety of colors. This fabric offers plenty of advantages at an affordable price point.

Advantages of Acrylic Awnings

Our acrylic RV awning fabric is among our most popular options due to the many advantages it offers. These durable awnings have good air circulation, and they repel water and dry quickly.

Acrylic awning fabrics make great additions to any RV during the summer. One of the best parts of owning an RV or camper is that you have the ability to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re going on a family camping trip or setting up in a parking lot for an afternoon tailgate, you need the right type of awning to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Acrylic awnings are extremely breathable, but they still block out the sun.

Acrylic offers RV owners great durability that will last for multiple seasons. The material is resilient to harsh elements such as rain, snow, winds, and more. Acrylic awning fabrics also have the ability to handle the sun’s rays, which means the fabric’s color won’t fade from sun damage. Furthermore, these awnings are great at repelling water, so you can enjoy the outdoors even if it starts to rain.

Color Options

At ShadePro, we offer a variety of different color options for our acrylic RV awning fabrics. Our selection includes black, charcoal, gray, beige, burgundy, blue, green, and much more. If you’re having trouble finding the color you’re looking for, our team offers custom colors.

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