Vinyl Awning Fabric

Vinyl awnings are commonly used on buildings, RVs, motorhomes and restaurants due to the material’s durable and inexpensive nature. Vinyl is a synthetic material composed of ethylene and chlorine. After these materials are processed, the result is a strong and durable resin material called polyvinyl chloride, commonly referred to as vinyl. This material was first produced in the 1920s to satisfy the demand for a durable and cost-effective fabric. Due to its success, vinyl is one of the most popular synthetic materials used in various products around the world.

You can find vinyl in everyday products such as flooring, siding, records, gloves, coats, and awning fabric. At ShadePro, we provide vinyl awning fabrics for RVs in various styles and colors.

Advantages of Vinyl Awnings

If you need to outfit your new RV, or just need an awning replacement, our vinyl awning fabric can fulfill your requirements. These awnings are water and mildew resistant, durable, and they hold their color well over time.

The tightly woven nature of the material doesn’t allow water to seep through the awning. This also means the area below the vinyl awning won’t provide as much of a breeze as an acrylic awning might. However, our vinyl awning fabric still offers comfortable shade for hot sunny days.

Color Options

ShadePro offers vinyl awnings in various colors; you can easily to find one that coordinates with your RV. We carry neutral options such as gray, black, charcoal, beige, and white; these colors provide an easy match with your RV and a timeless look. If you want a more vibrant color, we also carry shades of blue, green, red, and many more.

Looking for a specific color? Our team offers custom colors for our awnings—just give us a call.

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