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No Glues, No Hooks, No Modifications and No Slip!
Unique non-slip backing . . . no fasteners or adhesives!
We recommend clicking this link to view a list of motorhomes that we have dash covers available for.  If your motorhome is not listed, please call us at 1-800-328-5100.

This is the finest Motorhome Dash Cover available. Don’t let the sun destroy your dash. Our exclusive non-slip sponge rubber backing holds the cover securely in place. Pets won’t slide. Available in luxurious velour fabric that’s easy to clean and pet hair vacuums right up.

Note: Some plastic molded dashes may discolor temporarily. Remove the cover for several weeks and color will come back.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 8 in

8 reviews for ShurGrip Motorhome Dash Cover

  1. ShadePro

    Dave (verified owner)

    I purchased a dash cover for a Winnebago Journey. When it arrived it was missing a piece and large ovals were cut out with smaller fill in pieces to accommodate the defroster vents. It looked terrible. I called and asked for a replacement. Two weeks later I received another cover. It was supposed to be re-didgitized for a better fit. It looked the same as the first one that had been returned other than it had the missing large oval piece that was missing earlier. It fit terribly. It would require much trimming and it would still be bunched up near the windshield all across the dash. I again called the company. I asked to talk with the designer to see if one could be made without the five large unsightly ovals. I have yet to hear back. It has now been nearly a month and this rather expensive cover looks terrible. I would not recommend this style to anyone. It arrived with no instructions (to help identify the large amount of additional fabrication I would have to do) nor was any photo available to view the design and fit beforehand. I still await a resolution. I have already returned one. I would say right off….danger, beware of this product and the non-existent information available before the sale and the lack of expectation that instructions would include after the sale. I continue to wait for a resolution or a better designed and appearing product as the cut and fit of this one is terrible with no real resolution in sight.

    • ShadePro

      Justin Greene

      Hi Dave,

      Our sincerest of apologies regarding your experience with our dash cover. I really feel like we’re not getting the right pattern out to you, the cover should fit your dash like a glove. We’re going to have UPS return that poorly fitting cover to us, we can refund your order if you’d like. I’d really like to try to send a few full size paper patterns out to you to in an effort to remedy the fit issue.

  2. ShadePro

    Curtis Nikel

    I purchased a ShadePro dash cover over a year ago. The cover I ordered was not on the list of templates they had so after a bit of work we were able to get the fit right and I could not be more pleased with it.

  3. ShadePro

    Motoxer007 (verified owner)

    I really like the quality of my new dash cover. The rubberized backing will hold tight if any of our dogs get on the dash, which is typical. The fabric is such that dog hair does not imbed into it like a carpeted type of dash cover.
    The holes for the defrosters were my only concern. With the dash cover comes 5 additional round discs/covers. They fit underneath the main dash cover and fill up the gap of the defroster vents. This is probably because of different style dashes being made in the 2005 Discovery Diesel motorhome line. I wish it could have been incorporated into the cover in some way, but I like the quality of the cover better than the competitors so I am keeping it.
    Overall, I love this dash cover and I think it will last a really long time.

  4. ShadePro


    Wow I left one heck of a 5-star review but when I submitted t it said invalid email address (I forgot the .com) and it erased everything I wrote and took me back to the main page. Not really cool experience if you ask me. I don’t want to rewrite it sorry, you guys should know that your website is doing that. Had I known I would’ve copied it and pasted it back in. We are very satisfied with your product on so many levels I had to tell the world. It really exceeded our expectation. Thank you.

  5. ShadePro

    Bob K. (verified owner)

    We are very Happy with our new Shade Pro Dash Cover for our Winnebago Tour. We put it on last week for our first trip of the season with our Winnebago Club (Jersey Sea Shells) to Cape May, New Jersey. One person asked where we got it because it looked so nice.
    Bob K.

  6. ShadePro

    Cynthia Nelson (verified owner)

    We purchased the dash cover for our Class A Winnebago. With 2 dogs that love to look out the window, we needed the protection. The cover fits perfect, and the color and fabric are attractive. We are very pleased with this purchase, and are now ordering the windshield cover. Shade Pro provided us with excellent service.
    Cindy N.

  7. ShadePro

    Gina Ashton

    Below average product, terrible service. Ordered a dash cover for our motorhome – it was a nice camel color but the backing had a smell that caused a foul rubber odor that resulted in both of us having headaches. We took it outside for a couple of days to get air. We put it back into the motorhome and went away for the day (a sunny day). When we returned the smell was horrendous – we honestly were worried to be in the coach with this product. We called Shade Pro and they told us to wait another week or so for the smell to dissipate. We are full timers – if it rains you can’t just leave it outside and we certainly didn’t want it in the coach with us. After a few more days of trying to make it work we called and asked to return it. They said to send it back – I asked that they pay for shipping which they refused at first until I told them they should have warned us about the smell – if they had we would not have purchased it. They eventually agreed to pay and sent us a shipping label. So now just try to get your refund. We tracked the package and waited for 2 weeks after they received it – no refund so we called. They said they had received the package and to expect a refund within 72 hours. We waited a week – no refund. We called and they said that we would definitely have a refund within 72 hours. We waited a week – no refund. We called and they said that the manager was approving the refund. We did ultimately get the refund after the 3rd call. Are they out of money? Why are they using substandard materials with no warning of the toxic fumes? Why won’t they refund your money without the customer expending an incredible amount of energy. We will NEVER order from ShadePro.

    • ShadePro

      Customer Service


      We sincerely apologize if you feel you have gotten the run-around on this return. We assure you, this cover does not omit toxic fumes. The smell is from the fresh rubber used as the non-slip backing. Typically, this is something that goes away fairly quickly and completely understand for the reason for return.

  8. ShadePro

    Michael Groessl

    Terrible! Not at all what a fitted dash mat is to fit like. 5 large holes with fillets. Not at all like the advertised pictures. They told me I could return but have to pay shipping and restocking fee. When I asked to speak with the owner someone told me I could not speak to the owner. He does not take calls. Bait and switch company, they never had the patterns for our motorhome. Run don’t buy from them.

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